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Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate
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 Mondays & Wednesdays
Youth Classes - 7-7:45 P.M.

Adult Classes - 8:00-9 P.M.


Fox Valley Montessori School

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850 N. Commonwealth Ave. Aurora, Illinois 60506



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Tatsuo Shimabuku

The system of Karate taught at the Midwest School of Isshinryu is called Isshinryu (eesh in roo) founded by Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku.  It comes from Okinawa and is considered to be the most versatile of almost all styles.  Isshinryu develops an individual to the best of their potential by allowing them the flexibility to use your natural assets to the best of your ability.  We do not insist upon high kicks or very low, uncomfortable stances.  The philosophy behind our system is that you must be able to successfully react to any situation using the talents unique to your mind and body. The goal of our school is to promote good Traditional Isshinryu.

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    Youth Classes - 7-7:45 P.M.
    Adult Classes - 8:00-9 P.M.

    Individual: $30 per month
    Family Rates (monthly):
    $30 First Family Member
    $25 Each Additional Family Member

    Phone: 1 630-384-9876 (Voicemail)


    Midwest School of Isshinryu

    About MSOI
    Since 1974, the Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate has helped Fox Valley parents raise happier, healthier, safer kids through its affordable karate classes. 
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    Our Instructors
    Master Smith started his martial arts training in Isshinryu in 1972 under Sensei Patrick Buckley. Sensei Buckley, a student of the late James Chapman….
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