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Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate
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 Mondays & Wednesdays
Youth Classes - 7-7:45 P.M.

Adult Classes - 8:00-9 P.M.


Fox Valley Montessori School

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850 N. Commonwealth Ave. Aurora, Illinois 60506



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Isshinryu Basics
15 Basic Isshinryu Hand Techniques (Te Waza)
  1. Straight punch (Seiken oi tsuki)
  2. Upper cut (Jodan oi tsuki)
  3. Reverse punch (Seiken gyak tsuki)
  4. Reverse upper cut (Jodan gyak tsuki)
  5. Low block/straight punch (Gedan barai/seiken gyak tsuki)
  6. Middle block/straight punch (Chudan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)
  7. Open hand block/fingertip strike (Tegata barai/nukite)
  8. Open hand upper block/upper cut (Jodan tegata uke/jodan gyak tsuke)
  9. Upper block/Straight punch (Jodan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)
  10. Upper block/back fist/straight punch (Ura uchi/seiken gyak tsuki)
  11. Low block/5 straight punches (Gedan barai/go den joku tsuki)
  12. Middle block/5 straight punches (Chudan uke/go den joku tsuki)
  13. Low knife hand strike/knife hand strike (Shuto uchi)
  14. Palm heel deflection/ 2 roundhouse punches (O-uchi)
  15. Step back/rear elbow strike (Hije no ato tsuki)
9 Basic Isshinryu Kicking Techniques (Geri Waza)
  1. Front snap kick (Mae geri)
  2. Knee kick - Low side kick, at a 45 angle to the front (Shoba Kon Ate)
  3. Knee smash (Hisa geri) 
  4. Side Kick with ball of foot (Shoba geri)
  5. Side Snap kick (Yoko geri)
  6. Heel Stomp kick (Kake geri)
  7. Heel Push Kick (Mae Kon Atei)
  8. Roundhouse knee kick at a 45 angle to the front (Otoshi geri)
  9. Back Heel kick (Kake geri)

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    Youth Classes - 7-7:45 P.M.
    Adult Classes - 8:00-9 P.M.

    Individual: $30 per month
    Family Rates (monthly):
    $30 First Family Member
    $25 Each Additional Family Member

    Phone: 1 630-384-9876 (Voicemail)


    Midwest School of Isshinryu

    About MSOI
    Since 1974, the Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate has helped Fox Valley parents raise happier, healthier, safer kids through its affordable karate classes. 
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    Our Instructors
    Master Smith started his martial arts training in Isshinryu in 1972 under Sensei Patrick Buckley. Sensei Buckley, a student of the late James Chapman….
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