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Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate
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Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate
Class Location: Fox Valley Montessori School
850 N. Commonwealth Ave.
Aurora, IL 60506

Individual: $30 per month

Family Rates (monthly) 
$30 First Family Member
$25 Second Family Member
$20 Additional Family Members

Phone: 1 630-384-9876 (Voicemail)

Our Goals

Our school's goal is to help you achieve and exceed all your martial arts goals. We do this through the teaching of traditional Isshinryu karate. We strive to provide you with training that will grow your understanding of bunkai, kumite, weapons and self defense.


All MSOI students in K-12 MUST maintain good academic standing in their school to remain a member of our classes. If they do well in school they will surely do well in our program.

Our History

Our school originated from what was intended to be one of several youth summer programs offered by the Aurora YWCA at the Aurora Housing Authorities Eastwood Center in 1974. We were originally called Eastwood Karate Club. As the summer concluded the programs grant funding was depleted yet the YWCA wanted to continue, what had become, their most successful summer program. Through a mutual agreement Master Smith agreed to continue the program as a volunteer.

Over the following years the program outgrew the Eastwood center moving to the YWCA building on Downer and then to the newly built YW facility on River St. in Aurora, Il.  Prior to the closing of the YWCA's River St. facility the Fox Valley Montessori School graciously agreed to become the new home for the Midwest School of Isshinryu.

Throughout the history of our program we have seen the success of our students who have gone on to become outstanding high school athletes, police officers, military men and women, successful business owners, teachers, doctors and even an actress (Stana Katic in the TV series "Castle").

All the successes of our program would not have been possible without the support of the Aurora YWCA and now the Fox Valley Montessori School who have given us a place to call home.

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    Youth Classes - 7-7:45 P.M.
    Adult Classes - 8:00-9 P.M.

    Individual: $30 per month
    Family Rates (monthly):
    $30 First Family Member
    $25 Each Additional Family Member

    Phone: 1 630-384-9876 (Voicemail)


    Midwest School of Isshinryu

    About MSOI
    Since 1974, the Midwest School of Isshinryu Karate has helped Fox Valley parents raise happier, healthier, safer kids through its affordable karate classes. 
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    Our Instructors
    Master Smith started his martial arts training in Isshinryu in 1972 under Sensei Patrick Buckley. Sensei Buckley, a student of the late James Chapman….
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